Updated July 2, 2022

Thank you for your cooperation. While many businesses have removed the mask requirement, we are not quite ready to take this step. We want to stay open so you can continue to shop and support our mission of helping animals…and we can’t afford to close the store if our team members get Covid19. We have had several team members get Covid in May and June and thankfully, because of the masks, we didn’t have to shut down as the masks stopped the spread of the disease. ng right.

We are as tired of them as you are, and will continually monitor the current situation in our community to determine when we can drop our own mandate.

We will continue to require masks be worn inside (and worn properly), monitor capacity and keep the dressing rooms and bathroom closed. We prefer to play it safe than sorry, and appreciate that you are all following our guidelines.

While the majority of our team has gotten vaccinated, or is in the process, their safety (and yours) is still our top priority. We are continuing to assess the situation and will make changes as we become comfortable doing so.

Hello! The health and safety of our team members – and you – is our top priority, so there will be some changes to our processes and procedures. We know this has been a challenging time for everyone…and we are operating with the confidence that our supporters will abide by our safety measures.

The only thing we are certain about…is the the uncertainty. This is a new challenge for all of us, and we’ve done our best to determine the best way to keep everyone safe while we get back to the business of giving homeless pets a second chance at life.

Be Kind. Be Positive. Be Safe.

If I can take just a moment to ask you to take into condiseration before you shop with us. We ask that you…

  • be kind to our team. Show them support and patience as we figure out the new normal.
  • follow our new safety measures and understand they are in place to keep everyone safer.
  • be aware that we have many shoppers who love our store…and may have to wait outside to come in. If you are finished shopping, check out…and come back more frequently. We will be adding new items as often as we can.
  • be understanding that any child 4 years and older is counted as a person in our maximum capacity count. If it’s possible to leave your children with a friend or family member, we know many of our shoppers would appreciate the kindness of being able to shop quicker.
  • understand some of the changes to our store policies are for your safety and you may need to adjust how you shop. Flexibility and a positive attitude will go a long way.
  • understand that we are all here to help animal rescues save lives and to help spay/neuter programs stop the pet overpopulation cycle. This is why we are all here.

Donations Accepted Tuesdays – Saturdays

We are now accepting donations every day we are open between 12-4pm. We ask that you try to donate before 4pm, so our team has time to sort and store the donations before we close at 5pm. Please check here or our Facebook page for updates.

  • When donations are accepted, they will need to be donated behind our store. We will not have a donation bin in the store.
  • Please follow our new Safety Processes and Procedures for donations by visiting our How to Donate page.

Changes to Store Operations

  • Temporary Store Opening Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday | 12-5pm; Wednesday | 11am-6pm
  • The Main Store will initially be open shorter hours and fewer days so we have time to safely process donations and complete enhanced cleaning protocols. 
  • The Furniture, Décor and More store will reopen at a later date (TBD). Many items have been moved over to the Main Store, including lamps, artwork and collectibles. We are using this store for storage and additional processing stations as social distancing would be a bit of a challenge in this store.
  • Fitting rooms are closed. Please do not try on clothing – return policy is extended.
  • Our bathroom will be closed to the public. Please plan ahead. 
  • No refunds or returns will be allowed EXCEPT for Clothing and Electronics. You will have 14 calendar days from purchase to return these 2 categories for a STORE CREDIT. No other items will be returnable at this time due to our new safety measures.

Safety Protocols

Our new safety measures and protocols will be implemented, including:

  • Face masks will be REQUIRED for all customers 4+ years old and team members inside the store at all times. You will not be allowed to enter our store without a mask. Please be kind and wear one to help keep us all safe. No exceptions…if you can’t wear a mask, please shop our Shopify online store or email us to help you shop remotely.
  • You will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering the store.
  • We will be limiting the number of customers to about 40 at a time, so please bring your patience if there is a line. This is to allow for proper social distancing throughout the store.
  • Requiring 6’ physical distancing of team members and supporters inside the store and at donation intake
  • Installation of a plexiglass guards at the registers
  • Encouraging the use of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay instead of cash and credit/debit cards (all will be accepted, however).
  • Frequent cleaning of common areas – register counters, shopping carts and baskets, door knobs, etc.