Summer is in full force. Shop for favorites to make vacations, staycations and summer more fun! Our store is full of festive, unique and fun items for all your favorite people (and pets too). You could pay more…but why?

Show your love for Second Life and homeless pets by shopping small and shopping local. Check out our sales this month and plan your visits to help animals get a second chance at life! 

If you see it today…it may not be here tomorrow. Don’t delay your purchases. 

Thank you for helping us make a difference. 

Shop Online and Save!

Find unique and fun gifts for your favorite people on our Shopify online store…and help animals. With over 1,500 antique, vintage, extra cool and even brane new items…there is something special for everyone.

Save extra on certain days of the week and month. Remember though…all items are unique, so if you see it and don’t buy it…it may be gone the next time you shop!

Visit to shop and save! Items can be picked up Tuesdays – Saturdays from 12:30-4:30 in Avondale Estates. We can also ship many items within the U.S. for an additional fee. Thank you for your support and helping us give homeless pets a second chance at life.