We lost our loving dad and longest-serving volunteer, Jerry on January 5, 2020. Many of you knew him as Toby’s dad, and he has been one of our biggest supporters from the start. Jerry is the reason our electronics department – was and is – successful. We are heartbroken at his unexpected loss. 

On December 11, life was great and we were ready for Jerry’s surgery to remove the liver cancer (which we learned about serendipitously). He hadn’t been feeling sick and was asymptomatic. His surgeon had told us this surgery had a high chance of success, and the liver failed in only about 1% of surgeries. This is why we are all so confused and devastated – this wasn’t supposed to be the outcome.He had friends and family all over the world praying for his recovery…but sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. 

Please visit our Facebook post if you would like learn how to honor him. He is missed by all who loved him, knew him and of course, his beloved pets. You had such a zest for life. Rest in peace dad.