It’s the 12 DAYS OF RESCUE!
Each day, we will feature a way for you to help save the lives of homeless pets. Everyone can make a difference! Big or small. One person can save a life.

Day 4: Donate.

Money. In-Kind. Pet Food. Pet Supplies. Old Towels & Blankets.

continue their lifesaving work. There are several ways to support animal rescue:

Money: one of the most needed donations in $ to fund their lifesaving efforts. Rescuing just one life often costs hundreds of dollars for routine vet care, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, food and care…and any other medical or emergency services needed. Multiply this by the thousands of animals saved each year, and the costs add up.

Support your favorite organization year-round with a monthly donation or whenever you can. Even $1 helps…it all ads up. Visit their Facebook pages for fundraisers, donation pleas and programs like $5 Friday. Skip that special coffee today and make a difference in the lives of animals.

In-Kind: Donate your gently-used housewares, clothing and more to Second Life. We sell the items in our stores and turn these proceeds into much needed cash grants for many animal charities. We have donated over $1.7 million to more than 70 animal charities. Visit our How to Donate page for more information.

Wish-lists: Many organizations have Amazon or Chewy wish-lists to make it easy for their supporters to buy exactly what is needed for their operations. Buy pet food, pet supplies, kitty litter, cleaning supplies, office supplies…the list is endless. Visit the website of your favorite charities and you’ll likely see a wish-list. Start shopping!

Pet Food Banks: Donate pet food to pet food banks and outreach programs to help struggling families keep their pets at home. Many of these organization have drop boxes (including one at Second Life for Pet Buddies) and wish-lists. You can also donate $ to help with spay/neuter and so they can buy the supplies their families need.

Old towels and blankets: Many shelters need and use old towels, blankets and sheets to care for their animals. This is a great way to reuse items that are not good enough to donate to Second Life…but still have life left in them.

As you can see, there are many ways to donate to help animal shelters…and they don’t always include money. Animal charities rely on the support of animal lovers to provide care and save lives. Thank you for making a difference.

Day 3: Transport

Did you know that transport is a critical aspect of saving precious lives? Rescues need volunteers to transport the newly-rescued pet from the shelter to the vet or their foster home.

In-City/Metro Transport
  • Pickup pets from their shelter – either in the Metro area or from a rural shelter – and take them to their new foster home, boarding facility or the vet for a consultation
  • Transport pets to the vet for their spay/neuter surgeries and/or medical care.
  • Transport animals who are being reunited with their parent after escaping domestic violence with Ahimsa House
  • Transport animals to adoption events, festivals, etc.

Longer Transport/Relay Legs

For some animals, the rescue giving them a second chance is far away from their original shelter. Volunteer transporters offer to drive specific legs – like handing off a precious baton in a relay race – to the next person who takes them on their new journey. There are many transport groups on Facebook, although your favorite rescues can also provide details.

The amount of logistics required to save the life one just one animal is overwhelming, and we have the upmost respect for rescue employees and volunteers who go through this every day.
This is a great way to make a difference in the lives of many pets and make it easier for rescues to save lives. If you have a flexible schedule or are retired, and you like to drive, this is a great way to save a life.

Day 2: Shop.

Second Life. Online. Rescue Shops. License Plates.

At Second Life
  • Shop! We know that’s an easy one, as you have helped us survive during the pandemic and continue to grow.
  • Shop our store. Shopping our store is easy…we have many treasures and goodies for you and your favorite people.
  • Shop our Online store: With over 900 items from antique to brand new, from classic to kitschy…there is something for everyone.
  • Buy a Second Life “Rescue Themed” t-shirt (or 2). Great holiday gifts for you and your favorite animal lovers.
  • Shop our Saturday Sidewalk Sale. Weather permitting, we sell small furniture and other item on Saturdays from 12-4pm in front of our Furniture, Décor & More store.
  • Buy a Physical Gift Card or e-Gift Card.
Other Stores and Online

Amazon Smile: Sign up for Amazon Smile and select Second Life Thrift Store as your charity. When you shop, we get a % for your purchases. (We know we don’t sell everything you need…but at least you can still help homeless pets!). We receive about $600 per year.

Kroger: Register your loyalty card and select Second Life Thrift Store as your preferred charity. We receive about $300 each year. It adds up! Click here to start! Limited to Metro Atlanta/Georgia stores.

iGive: Shop hundreds of online stores in one place and we get a donation from your purchase. Click here to start!


Georgia Pet Foundation License Plate: Buy a spay/neuter license plate from Georgia Foundation and a % of your tag plate will go toward a fund to support low-cost and free spay/neuter in Georgia. Plus, you can promote the importance of s/n.
Rescue/Shelter Stores: Many rescues and shelters, like Good Mews, have their own apparel and merchandise. Your purchases support their lifesaving work.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who goes the extra mile to help homeless pets get a second chance at life. The holiday season is especially hard for rescuers, and they rely on your generosity to save lives. One person can make a difference.
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Day 1: Foster.

Save a Life.

Shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with amazing dogs and cats waiting for their second chances at life. Adoptions are slow and the need to save lives is bigger than ever. Pandemic pets have been returned. Litters from pets that aren’t spayed or neutered are being surrendered. It’s a terrible situation right now.

The holidays make it even tougher. Believe it or not, pets are surrendered because families are traveling and don’t want to pay to board the pet. Or they are getting a new puppy and kitten and don’t want to “deal” with their old pet.

PAWS Atlanta is looking for short-term holiday fosters to help out during the holidays, when many of their foster homes are traveling.

Many times, the lack of homes is the only thing keeping rescues from saving more lives. Without foster homes, there is simply no place for the animals to go. That’s where you can come in.

There are many different types of fostering. Shelters are pleading for help. Rescues want to help. The can’t save lives without fosters. If your situation allows, please see if one these options fit your home and heart.

Short-Term Fostering

LifeLine Animal Project offers a Weekend Warrior program, where you take a dog home for the weekend and give them a break from stressful shelter life. It also helps dogs find the forever homes faster as the rescue can gain knowledge about their true personalities. There are more than 500 dogs at their Dekalb County Animal Shelter…not including their other 2 shelters.

Some rescues, like Canine Caravan Rescue Inc and Road Trip Home Rescue transport dogs to the Northeast, where there is a shortage of adoptable dogs due to better spay/neuter laws and personal responsibility. They need short-term fosters until the transport. Sometimes, a pet needs a quiet place to recover from surgery or medical issues. Or to escape domestic violence with Ahimsa House.

Anytime Fostering

The majority of rescues need general fosters, where you open your home to love and care for a dog or cat until they find their forever home. It could be 2 weeks or 2 months. Rescues need homes for moms and their litters, those who are shy or fearful of shelter life and more! The rescue will help you find the right fit and takes care of all costs…you provide the love and belly rubs. You get to be a part of the life journey to love. So cool.