Covid-19 Updates
Please visit our How to Donate page for changes to our donation process, items and categories we are not currently accepting and requirements for preparing donation containers. 

The following items are currently suspended for donation intake until further notice.

Donations Accepted

Donations We Do and Do Not Accept

Thank you for choosing to donate to help homeless pets!   We have limited space in our two stores, so our goal is to sell items that we know our customers want.

Check out our lists below of items we can and cannot accept for donations.  Help us be more efficient so we can help even more animals!

If you are unsure about an item, feel free to call our store at 678.974.5671 or email us at

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Donations We Happily Accept

Here is a sampling of items we accept for donations.  For the most part, we accept items that you would find in a home and on a patio.  If you don’t see an item listed in either column, we likely accept it.  We always love to be the first option for donation.

Donation Tips and Helpful Suggestions

When donating electrical items, please make sure they:

  • work well.  We do not have the resources to repair items.
  • all parts are included, including power cords, remote controls, attachments…and so on.
  • they are no frayed wires or cords
  • if an appliance, please clean well before donating

When donating clothing:

  • bags are preferred over boxes (but we’ll accept either)
  • it is helpful to have only clothing in a bag (please, no fragile or breakable items)
  • we appreciate if you check to make sure the items are not stained, torn, smelly, etc.

Donations We Do Not Accept

Since we are still a fairly small organization, these are some items we are not able to accept – due to low demand, safety & liability concerns, regulations or space limitations.

This allows our team to focus on items that can be sold in our stores, rather than spending time disposing of items that no longer have a purposeful life.  This request does not apply to items that may be useful for “project pieces” or “upcycling.”