Foster Homes Needed!

Do you have extra space and love to share with a homeless pet?  Then become a foster home!

There is a tremendous need for foster homes.  It is a very rewarding experience that helps homeless pets on their journey to find forever homes. Rescue groups and shelters rely on foster homes as a way to increase the number of pets they can save.  The experience will touch your heart – we know, as Riley was our foster and he never left!

Foster homes provide a loving environment to scared, shy, and healthy pets.  Sometimes the pets just need extra love and TLC to gain the trust of people – but for many of the pets, they just need a place to stay temporarily until their forever home is found.

We know how hard it can be to see your foster go into a loving home, as it doesn’t take long to fall in love with them.  It is such a rewarding experience to know you have helped save their lives and allows you the opportunity to share your life with many dogs and cats that otherwise would never touch your heart.

Contact your favorite rescue group today to see how you can help – or visit our Find a Rescue or Shelter or our Groups Needing Fosters pages.  Or, come into our store and talk to us – we are very passionate about foster programs.

We challenge everyone reading this to foster just once!  If it’s not for you…at least a life was saved.

FAQ’s About Fostering

How do you let your foster go to a new home? Don’t you get attached? 

Yes, we do get quite attached to our foster, as it doesn’t take long for them to become a part of our lives. And, while we do miss
them, it is more rewarding to receive updates and hear that they are doing wonderful in their new home.

We know that our role is bigger – when our fosters are adopted, that means we can open our hearts to other deserving animals. We are a pit stop on their journey of love. And seeing updates of them happy in their new homes is incredibly rewarding. While we say goodbye to one foster, we open our hearts to another foster who needs extra love before finding her forever home.

What kind of things do I have to do for the foster pet? 

Most rescue organizations do not have a shelter, so they rely on foster homes.  Your main responsibility as a foster is to take care of the pet until they find their forever home.  Most organizations will pay for the food, vet care and all incidentals – you just provide the love and care.


What types of fosters are needed?

There are many types of fosters needed….through county shelters, animal rescue organizations and other groups assisting families with special requests.

  • Long term.
    • Dogs in county shelters that are part of a cruelty case
    • Caring for animals for military personnel deployed elsewhere
    • Harder to place pets (seniors, special needs, bully breeds, etc)
  • Short term.
    • Many animals are transported to the Northeast U.S. where there is a shortage of homes due to better spay/neuter laws.  In some cases, a 7-14 day foster is required before the animal can be transported
    • Ahimsa House helps women fleeing domestic violence take care of their pets for 30-60 days before they can get back on their feet
    • LifeLine Animal Project offers the Weekend Warrior program, which let’s you take home a shelter dog for the weekend.  From exploring Atlanta to hanging out at home, help them learn more about their dogs so they can find their perfect home.
  • Medical care
    • Care for a pet recovering from surgery, mange or heartworm treatment.  Sometimes a pet just needs a quiet environment to heal before they are ready for their forever home
  • Moms and babies
    • Many rescues need fosters to care for a pregnant dog or cat…or one that has just recently had their babies.  They need a quiet place for mom to nurse and take care of them until they are big enough to be spayed/neutered and adopted!

There are many types of fosters needed, for all kinds of dogs, cats, rabbits and more.  Each organization has different guidelines with their foster program –  so your best bet is to contact the various groups to determine which one is best for your situation.