Our Story

As with any good story, there has to be an inspiration to start.  I can’t say I dreamed about opening a thrift store all my life.  In fact, as a teenager, I was mortified to be seen in one…and yet I continued to go with my mom.  Perhaps that’s how my love of finding bargains and searching for treasures began.


Lucky, our first Chief Smile Officer

Our rescue dog, Lucky, adopted us just a few years after getting married.  He led us on a new path and ignited a fire to do more for animals.

After doing the corporate gig for a while, I realized I was ready to be my own boss and follow my passions in life.  I realized early on how precious life is and I wanted to follow a path that I knew I could be proud of and that would make a difference in the lives of amazing and adorable homeless animals.

So that’s where the story starts…with the ambition to make a difference for animals.  Meet our founders here.

As with any story, there has to be a past, a present and if all goes well, a future.

Our Origin Story

It was a serendipitous day that I stumbled upon this concept at a store in my hometown while I was back for a high school reunion.  The idea of combining my love of rescue animals and  bargain shopping sparked a desire to learn more and take a leap of faith. Want to know more about how we got started?  Read about it on Our Story:  Our Past page.  

Our Story: Today

riley-toby-and-tanya-at-fdm-year-unknownWe have been open since 2011 and have had an amazing experience being a part of the community.   Animal lovers have put their faith in us and supported us by donating, shopping, volunteering and promoting our stores.  We even opened up a second location next door after running out of space.   It takes a village and we are thankful for everyone.  Read more about on Our Story: Today

Did you know…we made $62.20 in total sales on our 3rd day open? It was day 3 of a 5-day ice storm that shutdown the entire city of Atlanta? Those who lived close and were out walking were happy to shop as cabin fever had set-in.

Our Story: Our Future

We have many dreams…and all of them include helping a lot more animals.  That’s what it’s all about.  Everything is driven by this desire.  Whether this means opening more stores or increasing sales in our current stores…we don’t know right now.  What we do know is that every one of our actions is focused on making even more of a difference.  Learn more about our future dreams on Our Story: Our Future page.

Thanks to reading all about us…we hope you’ll help add more chapters to our story by being a supporter!